How to Use Anal Beads?

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Sex toys are divided into different categories. These toys are designed for both men and women. When it comes to taking solo pleasure, nothing else can work better than a quality sex toy. When it comes to choosing sex toys for women, there are two types of toys. One which is used for normal sex simulation and another goes to butt plug family. Anal beads are probably the most popular sex toy when it comes to enjoying anal pleasure.

Here you are going to reveal how do anal beads work to offer extreme pleasure and how to use anal beads to enjoy in the best possible way. So, continue reading and you will reveal some interesting details about anal beads

Why anal beads are so popular?

Before you jump to how to use anal beads section, you should take some interest in the main purpose of using this sex toy. As the name suggests, anal beads are designed to offer anal sex simulation. This type of toys come with multiple spheres (called beads) attached to a string or silicon base. The size of beads increases as you move towards the base. There will be a pull ring on the base that allows you to move anal beads back and forth easily. 

Anal beads are designed to provide the user with the true sensation of anal sex. The size of beads will increase as you push it further in your butt and thus you will feel more pleasure. The beginners will find it pretty exciting because sphincter and area around it will be filled with never-ending excitement. Anal beads work to stretch and release the sphincter and that’s how it simulates true anal sex. You will feel a very unique sensation as anal beads will enter and exit your body and it will also encourage you to go for true anal with your partner. 

How to use anal beads?

First of all, there is a huge difference between normal vagina sex and anal sex. A lot of people think that it will be a lot similar to what they do usually, but that is not true. You should know how to use anal beads and how to prepare for anal sex before you treat them like normal sex. Follow the given steps to feel the true excitement of anal sex. 

  • Apply some lubes:

It is going to hurt if you put anal beads in your butt without applying lubrication. There are special lubes produced for erotic activities. These are silicone based, water based, and oil based lubes. All three come with certain benefits and drawbacks. You must take a look at these three kinds of lubrication before you pick one. If you want the applied lube to last longer, you should choose silicone based lubes. 

The oil lubes stay between water based and silicone based lubes. Water-based lubes offer enough lubrication to put those beads in. Once it is in, your body will automatically keep it wet and you can enjoy your time. 

  • Get it started:

Putting beads in your butt should not be like a scientific experiment for you. Keep rubbing the lube around your anus, vagina, and play with your finger a little bit to get in the mood. The mood plays a very important role when you are about to put something in your body. You can play music or some erotic movies to get excited and then you can start. 

Now you are fully aroused and now is the right time to put the smallest bead in your butt. Push it slowly to feel its sensation and that pleasing discomfort. Let it stay there for a while and then use the base rings to push the first bead back and forth. Keep it in motion to know how it feels when a hard penis makes an entrance. 

  • Feel comfortable and push more beads in:

The first bead might cause a bit discomfort and that is obvious if it is your first time. There is no need to worry because that discomfort will soon turn into pleasure. If you are feeling fine enjoying it, now is the time to push the next bead inside your butt. Go for it and let it be inside your body. Do not forget to apply some more lube to make it an easy entry. Feel relaxed with your arousal and then start moving both beads back and forth. 

The more you will push beads the more you will feel excited. It will take just a little practice and you will not fear to get all the beads in and out of your body. That’s how you should use anal beads to feel the real excitement and pleasure of anal sex. You will never find it uncomfortable or unpleasing if you follow all the steps carefully. So, try it whenever you are ready for it.  

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